Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long day.....

We landed in Phoenix about 1:45pm their time (2 hours behind us) and had a car service bring us to the resort in Tuscan.

We've been en route since 8:40 this morning.......


Our lovely flight attendant.

YouTube Video

The take off...

Flying over the mountains....

Driving through the mountains...

This is the first cactus I've ever been up close and personal with (not including the little potted ones). The driver told us that it takes 50 years for this type of cactus to grow an 'arm'. Totally awesome.

I also saw cotton bushes. Another first! I love learning, experiencing, and seeing all this fantastic stuff!

Path outside our room.

Cant wait to get in some runs and explore. I love mountains!!!!

Have you ever been to Arizona before? What was your favorite part?

Gotta freshen up before we head out to dinner.

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