Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fire Sky Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Az.

The entrance.

One of several pools. This one has a unique feature.... the first few feet has a sand bottom.

These waterfall features have a firey flame that lights up the night.

This cabana is where we spent the majority of yesterday.

They had a fish pond...

The beach...

We ate dinner by the fireplace last night.

Outdoor lounge.

Other side of pond.

A bird that was stealing fries from Andrew's plate!

Gotta go back to reality.

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juli said...


northernbliss said...

Niiiice - but when DO you come back to reality...

Anonymous said...

looks like a fabulous place enjoy=great seeing in in florida-hope you enjoyed your week-susan

david_hatton said...

love the blog, beautifully written, im a regular reader. im quite the traveller myself and spent a year traveling america.

Think you might like some of my blog posts and articles posted, feel free to check them out:


Unknown said...

It was a great place Juli.

I am back in Amherstburg now Yanet..... Reality is setting in :-)

It was great to see you Sister Sue!! Looks like you all had a riot :-)

Thanks David! I'm now following your blog.

Stuart said...

Gotta love the desert!