Saturday, November 13, 2010

Carrabba's Italian Grill in Tucson, Arizona

Just happened to stop in here for some lunch. Everything is made from scratch. What a great find!!!!

Because it was our first time here, the manager came out and told us that our appetizer was free. We had a butternut squash, pumpkin ravioli with some sort of brown sugar butter. It was to die for!!!!!

This is a fire roasted tomato- basil soup. It tastes like they just picked the tomatoes off the vine and made this bowl just for me.

The home made bread melts in your mouth. It comes with a plate of dried garlic, spices, and extra virgin olive oil for dipping. Mmmmmmm.

I had more ravioli as my main course. It was a three cheese stuffed taste of heaven with a blush sauce.

I decided to hold off on desert. I can only imagine how much weight I've gained this trip (glad I brought my fat pants!).

Gotta digest.

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