Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm a sucker for a good looking running shoe!

This would be my after sport choice for cushioning and breathe-ability for my achy piggies.   Alas, the designers at Salomon seem to think that only men like to sport cool colors.  C'mon.... women like colors other than pink and baby blue!

This seems to be the closest women's version..... color doesn't compare in my opinion.

I don't think that they even made this in a women's model.
From the minds at Salomon they bring you the S-Lab 3 XT Wings.  The S-Lab 3 XT Wings was designed by the Salomon Adventure Racing team and is for the athlete who pushes it to the limits. They continue to use a seamless upper, which provides a custom fit and feel along with keeping this shoe lightweight.  This is a great shoe for the runner with mild overpronation.

If you'd like to check out the Runner's World review click HERE!

Maybe I'll have to start wearing men's running shoes?

What do you find frustrating when looking to purchase running gear?  What hurdles do you men have to deal with?

Gotta run.


Unknown said...

My biggest frustration is whatever the piece of gear or pair of shoes I decide that I want to buy, it is almost certainly guaranteed to be the most expensive in the store!!

The only problem I have is based on sizing, as the designers for long distance running gear assume that we're all 120lbs, and even though I'm pretty lean my bones are still pretty big and I need room to at least breathe in!

As for colors, well I'm a guy, so really that doesn't matter. I just want a decent piece of kit that is at the right price!!

My advice would be that if the men's shoes fit you, and you prefer the look, then go for it. You could start a new fashion!

Nice work,

Stuart said...

SLABs are one mean shoe!

Biggest problem I have is being tall everything come with a huge waist!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Ok had I read your header I would have known what kind of running you are doing. I've heard good things about the Salomon wings. I've owned a pair of Salomon winter climbing boots forever and they've been great.

I don't have too many issue buying running stuff, but no one seems to make a swimming goggle that fits me perfectly...