Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Suspension Training?

I came across the TRX Suspension Training (what I would call resistance training) while I was on the onehundred pushups site. I have mentioned before that I am downsizing.... that means that my home gym must go. This product piqued my interest because it doesn't take up much space and looks like it travels well.

The only downsize it the cost.....gulp...... $200USD + $27USD shipping.

I've always had an interest in resistance training (with something substantial, not just the skinny tube bands). Anyone ever heard of a product that is similar and costs less?

Gotta run.


Stuart said...

My wife got me this for my Bday last month...looked at it and never got it out the box!

She sent it back last week!

You gotta wanna do it to do it!

Unknown said...

That is the truth Stuart!

I've purchased the 100 pushups app..... Just deciding when to start. If I don't end up using it, I won't feel bad for spending the $1.99 ;-)

Johnny said...

I have the TRX just love it go anyplace with it but I lucked out won in a raffel at my gym.