Monday, September 27, 2010

Clearing the crap

Because I am downsizing.... I am forcing myself to get rid of a lot of my stuff.

I have three piles.... Pile #1 is garbage that will go into a bin (that I will rent at a later date).
Pile #2 is what I am donating to my local mission.
Pile #3 is trash that goes out to the curb for collection.

I can't believe how many people have sifted through, and taken my roadside trash. Take for example, an old microwave stand that was in horrible shape (had been under the stairs in the cold storage for a million years).... It was gone in minutes!!!

I'm having fun with this... I bring out a piece of furniture or artwork and place it with the trash and watch to see how fast it goes. Ha ha!

There is a mirror from an old dresser that has been here awhile... Maybe I'll bring out something a little more exciting!

Gotta run.

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Kim said...

LOL Stacey, so funny. I have done that too because I just can't do yard sales. It's amazing what people will take. Enjoy your house cleaning. I do that once a year and always tend to accumulate again. My worst thing are clothes with running/exercise gear being my biggest weakness as I go through clearance racks like a mad women and buy things I don't need.

northernbliss said...

It's gone now - one man's garbage is another man's treasure - they say you are a redneck if you come home from the dump with more than you took - guilty!!! ;o)

Unknown said...

Kim: I think you're my twin that was separated at birth... My running wardrobe is larger than most people's entire wardrobe (most of it was from the sale rack)!!

Yanet: you have an excuse you're stuck up in the middle of no where.

Pepperloaf: I approved your comment but it didn't show up :-( Miss you.