Sunday, August 15, 2010


I love to travel and see new cities/ parts of the world and to be wrapped in the culture. I love running in new places and seeing the city in a way that most tourists do not.

Many people collect things from their travels. For example, I had a friend that collected sand from every beach that she visited. She displayed them in test tubes that had the name of the beach and it's location. It was really cool to see.... made for great art.

I also collect things when I travel...... but I always give them away.

One of the things I collect are room keys....... I give them to my accountant because his daughter has a huge collection (... no, I don't get a discount :0 ).

I also collect tall shot glasses...... these I give to my step-mom Janet. She will have them displayed in her new bar area (once it's finished).

What do you collect on your travels?

Gotta run.