Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oral Hygene

With its refreshing mint flavor, Plackers Micro Mint™ dental flossers give you that ultimate fresh, clean feeling. And with its Super Tuffloss® hi-performance floss, removing plaque and debris from even the tightest teeth is a breeze.

  • Mint flavor, fresh clean feel
  • Super Tuffloss Hi-Performance floss slides easily between tight teeth
  • Protected Pick, Safe, Folds Away for Use
I was introduced to this product last year. It really makes flossing easy.... no losing circulation in your fingers for having the floss wound too tightly and no contorting your mouth to get to the back teeth.

I keep a few with me at all times....... you never know when you're going to eat broccoli or have some food with peppercorn on it!!!

Great find for under $5!

Gotta take care of your pearly whites!

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