Sunday, August 29, 2010

Is Trail Running a Trend?

In a recent copy of Trail Runner the article above suggests that more and more road runners are transitioning to trails. It made me think.......

I love road running and I love trail running. I love each for different reasons.

I love road running for the ability to get completely lost in my own thoughts and for the ability to completely tune into my body. When I run on the road I am able to have 'out of body' experiences..... I am so focused on my thoughts, that I no longer feel my body. This euphoric feeling makes road running fantastic!

I love trail running for the fact that I have to become totally aware of my surroundings. Trail running requires a different focus. The free-form running and the exhilaration of the downhill descent brings me back to my youth. The feeling of being a child juxtaposes the concentration aspect that comes with being an adult. Let's face it: we didn't concentrate much as kids because we weren't afraid of falling down.... if we fell, we would brush ourselves off, get back up, and go. Trail running is energizing!

Do you love to run trails or on the road? Why?

Gotta run.
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