Monday, August 2, 2010

Great find for around $10

The Ab Wheel
- found it on-line for as little as $6 and as much as $19. This simply designed piece of exercise equipment is one butt kicking device!!! I don't notice the core effects as much as I notice the pain in my triceps.

Check out the video.... this guy is impressive!

Gotta envy him.


The Trail Jogger said...

What do you typically do for your core strengthing? I need to learn about strength training and add that into my weekly schedule.

Johnny said...

Just spent twenty minutes here you have turned into a blogging machine. WOW

Stacey said...

Hello Trail Jogger

I'd try to implement core work at least 3x per week. I really change up my routines....

You can check out to get some ideas on what you can be doing. Good luck!


I seem to have much more time on my hands since my injury..... :)