Monday, July 26, 2010

Star Trek and Lying on the Highway... things that make me think of my dad.

When Jo and I were young we watched Star Trek with my dad. Any time I see an image of Captain Kirk, I think of dad..... even when I see William Shatner on the Priceline commercials.

Up north, it is somewhat of a tradition to lie on the highway and look at the stars.

I borrowed this pic from Yanet's blog. Listed from bottom to top: Andrew, dad, Uncle Ricky, myself, David, and Jodie.


Before my dad acquired this tiny parcel of land (500 acres :) ) he had a much smaller lot, a short distance away. The problem with that area was that, in order to get a really good view of the stars, you had to be lying on the highway..... this unusual ritual came out of it.

It's really fun and actually quite safe (you can hear the cars or trucks coming from a mile away). I am really glad that Jodie and Dave got to experience it.

Gotta run.

p.s. Yanet updated me on the truck accident we saw this past Thursday...... the guy is alright!

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northernbliss said...

You and Jodie are Trekies by right of birth - we have seen every Star Trek, Voyager, Deep Space Nine etc. at least a million times (slight exageration) Never tire of them - live long and prosper....