Friday, July 30, 2010

Protein powder

As part of my new eating regime I decided to add some protein.... in the form of powder. I purchased this bottle because of the high protein and greens+. It also claims to aid in weight loss.

It tastes about as good as it looks. I'm a picky eater/ drinker. I've mixed it with water (says you can mix it with juice also). I don't know why I couldn't just make a smoothie with it?

I have also been eating pretty healthy the last few days. I'm allowing myself one day a week to eat and drink whatever I want. Seems doable.

I've become addicted to French fries and unhealthy fast food in general. Living in two cities, traveling, summer gatherings, and having family down makes it difficult to take the time to prepare healthy meals. I've got to learn to adapt.... Make better choices. I know I'll feel better about myself if I do.

Gotta do some weights now.

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