Friday, July 9, 2010

Hold up at the Detroit border

Background info:
We save three hours if we travel through the United States to get to the cottage.

Jodie's boyfriend is a dual citizen of both England and Canada. Unfortunately, he only has a British passport and a Canadian citizenship card.

Citizens with passports from places other than Canada must be processed and given a temporary visa. Basically, it's a long drawn out process.

Long story short.... We got pulled in, our vehicle was searched, we were grilled, and then we were sent on our way.... Without the visa. (The officer that held our passports didn't want to fill out the necessary paperwork..... that is why he didn't get the visa.)

I don't understand why we were all pulled in?!

Unfortunately, we may face another lengthy delay on the way back.

The visa application.

Gotta get movin'.

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