Friday, May 28, 2010

I've Come To Terms.....

..... To the fact that I may not be able to race tomorrow. If I do, it may not be the race I had hoped to run. This was supposed to be my 'A' race.

I am going into the race with a positive attitude. I'm proud of what I've accomplished with my training..... There will always be other races.

To all those participating in tomorrow's race... Have a safe and fun time!

Gotta rest.

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Darek said...

I feel very bad that the injury forced you out of Sulphur Springs. I hope that you will feel better soon and run your best 50 miler.


Stuart said...

Fingers crossed and positive vibes coming your way!

northernbliss said...

What ever happens, happens. At least you and Jodie will be together this wekend - that, in itself, makes it special. Enjoy no matter what you do.

Stacey said...

Thanks to all!

I decided that injury or not, I was going to run even if it killed me. I ran and I finished (barely)..... Even though finishing the race has probably set me back in the injury department.

I'd do it again!

Race report to come.

Darek said...

A tough girl!!! - Congratulations :)

northernbliss said...

Way to go Stacey - I'm proud of you - hope it doesn't hurt for too long - take some time off girl!!!!