Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post Xmas - Pre New Year's Bash!!!

I went to a fabulous party this past Sunday. The hosts were most gracious and have a fantastic games room in the basement (called the "Batcave"). After a few cocktails.... Dance, Dance Revolution!

Playing pool and warming up for DDR (dance dance revolution)! :)

I danced all night... Andrew had to drag me off the bloody thing. When playing DDR check your foot placement.... I ended up on the other mat once! lol I actually broke out in a sweat. Hmmmmm... does that count as a workout?


We even did some laundry in the sink. Oxy Clean got red wine out of this shirt!!! OOOOOOH. There is my gal pal Julie (in the background.... good pic of you Julie!!! That's Sheri in the front, holding her hubby's clean shirt.)

I've been getting most of my workouts in..... very hard when you're stuffing Xmas meals and baked goods into your mouth. Yum. I won't look at the scale until...ummmm..... maybe in a couple weeks.

Gotta run.


Johnny said...

I’m just making my rounds to all the blogs I visit to say Happy New years and wishing you the best.

northernbliss said...

Nice party room!!! How long before you get one of those things??
Looks like fun.


juli said...

I agree, you need DDR! (and me too!)