Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Olympic Torch

Do you remember when I applied to carry the Olympic torch??? I applied
everywhere known to man (there was an iCoke site where I applied daily
for a month) I did not get chosen.

My train just had to stop to let the Olympic torch bearer go by. Good
for that 'effen' lucky person. ( I'm not at all jealous or
bitter.... Grrrrrrrr)

Gotta run.

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northernbliss said...

Hope you arrived on time - I picked up the car and it is safely housed in the garage - say hi to Andrew.

how was the wine????

Gailanne said...

I know the feeling girl! I felt the same way when I decided to go torch chasing last Friday :) Maybe I should have just grabbed the torch... hmm... lol

juli said...

The torch was very nice, but I don't think too many locals carried it, at least ones who didn't have some sort of corporate affiliation. Check out the pictures of it at Point Pelee on the Windsor Star page. Awesome.
Have a great Christmas! XO

Stacey said...

Gailanne You should have grabbed it.... imagine, you'd be a headliner in the newspaper. I wonder if you could go to jail for that?!

Thanks for the info Julie. I will check it out when I am not so bitter. Did you hear that the person who ran Through Amherstburg is trying to sell the torch on Ebay? WTF?