Monday, August 24, 2009

Great Week

Photo taken on Dad and Janet's (unfinished) porch. Sad that I won't make it up this year.

I ran 72 miles last week (should have been 74) and I must say that I am very happy with how my runs went (the ITB incident kinda sucked). However, I am really excited to start my taper. This week is a recovery week and I hope to use my extra time wisely. Meaning, I hope I get up off my butt and complete some of the tasks that I have been putting off for months. Yipes.... it's quite daunting!

I have ordered another pair of my Nike air structure triax for the Alzheimer run. I have two pairs currently, but one is almost dead (489 miles on them). It's amazing how refreshing it is to be able to change out your shoes during an ultra distance run. It makes you forget how much your legs and feet are hurting for a little while! :-)

This year I am going to bring some oranges for the run. They can be very refreshing.... just like the changing of shoes. The run is so small that there are no tables laid out with goodies... If you want something special, you must bring it yourself.

Today is the day that Andrew and I are going to celebrate our anniversary. We've already exchanged gifts. Andrew got me the Tiffany bracelet shown above. I just love the 1837 collection. Only in recent years have I become a "jewelery" person. Instead of buying a bunch of cheap stuff, I now prefer to have quality pieces.

Happy (2nd) 13th Anniversary Andrew... can't wait for the baked shrimp and the cheese stuffed mushrooms. Yum

Gotta run.


northernbliss said...

It's called a veranda, not a porch - just setting the record straight. And we are sad that you won't be up here at all this year - maybe next year...with my grandbaby Sadie Poopoo.

northernbliss said...

ps - niiiice bling

Stacey said...

My bad... veranda it is! ;-)

Anonymous said...

i agree with stacey. it is a porch. porch parties sound much better than veranda party. and that's what happens when we are there-porch parties-sistersue

Stacey said...


Anonymous said...

love the bracelet! I have the matching necklace......
Miss you