Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Cute outfits from Skirt Sports Outlet!

This is called the Roller Girl skort. It has a boy short underneath (somewhere in between panties and tights). I fancy the coloured stitching. Unfortunately, they no longer sell the top.

This photo (below) was taken after today's run in 35 degree heat (95F). If it weren't for the wind and the occasional cloud I would have spontaneously combusted! I got 6 miles in.... still have a shoulders, biceps , and triceps workout to complete.

This is my new running hairstyle. Buns on the top of my head. Kinda looks like hell but we'll see if it helps keep away the split ends?!

These are called Trikini bottoms. I wore them with a pair of black tights underneath (I find that my butt doesn't jiggle as much this way.)

This is called the Trikini Bra.

Pssssst... Hey Julie, this is is the duplicate top I was telling you about. If I can remember I'll get Andrew to bring it over for you tonight! :-)

Almost forgot, the hat is also from Skirt Sports. It's great because it has the Headsweats Technology headband. Perfect for stopping the sweat from dripping into your eyes! This photo was taken after yesterday's run..... temperature was much nicer!

I will post about Milwaukee after I get back!
Gotta run.
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