Monday, April 27, 2009

Bought a pair of runners... now I'm confused.

I purchased a pair of Brooks Glycerin 7 running shoes today. I tried on several pairs and various brands. I was happy with my purchase until I got home.

I wondered to myself why I didn't just stick with the shoes I was already using. I purchased a pair of Nike Air Structure Triax + 11 when our local Nike store was going out of business. Got them for a cool $75!

I decided to use them until I could find "The Perfect Pair" (as my shoes were discontinued). I never really thought of the "Nikies" as being a contender. I can't think of any problems with the shoes. I have never paid attention. I will do my 11 mile run today and really pay attention to how the shoes feel. Maybe these are the perfect pair and I didn't realize it! If I really like the Nike then I will have to go back and exchange.... and pay the extra $15!

Body Glide has come out with a new product. It is a liquified powder that is to be used as a skin lubricant. It says that it is a technically advanced anti- friction formula and to use where needed. I've got it in between my toes and where my right upper arm rubs against my skin (just a bit lower than the armpit). I must swing that arm too much!!! Will let you know how it works out.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I returned my Nikes and bought another pair of new balance - although didnt realize until I tried them out that they were not the exact shoes I ordered. Now I cant take them back - boo! I will give them another shot tomorrow.