Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winner's acceptance speech!

"I am having a hard time getting in the comment section but I just wanted to thank the academy, all my friends, my husband, Rejean, without who's love and encouragement I never could have made the blog. I love you babe. And to Stacey who is responsible for my win - she got me started and judged me to be among the winners. Thank you Stacey. And to Jodie who lives out west - hello Jodie - and to my sisters - Susan and Joanne....blahblahblahblah
The glory is enough for me. Just give Gailanne the prize.
Thank you Thank you very much as Elvis would say"



Derek said...

I don't think the voice of the people were heard, not all the votes were counted. I think that a recount of all the votes is in order! We should not rush to judgement but make sure we take our time and get it right! ;-)

Gailanne said...

Aww... That was too sweet, Janet...

Let me just say that this challenge was a fun undertaking. It really stirred up creativity, that's for sure. It was also interesting to know what ordinary bloggers can do for 50% of a full day. I know for sure that I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the entries. Also, I found fun in blogging again by participating in this challenge.

I feel honoured to share the podium with the two other winners and look forward to some more fun.


Derek said...

It was lots of fun and very interesting. Now it would be fun to see "a day in the life" by Stacey!!

Stacey said...

Tee Hee Derek!!!

I'm having a "Florida" flashback!!!

Stacey said...

I suppose I should have "A Day in the Life" post as well!

I will have to get cracking on that one!

Anonymous said...

And what designer are you wearing today?

Jen said...

Hi! Are you running the Ultra Marathon in the Big D in April? Is this why you are traveling to Irving? Hmmm.... I am running my first marathon with Team in Training in the Big D myself! I'm pretty excited about that and pray that I finish! I won't be 1st, but I will finish.

I also noticed that you were looking for a decent performance HE detergent. Did your sample work out? I use "WIN" and it does exactly what it says it does. My workout performance clothes still have no odor after many months! I even clean my sheets and towels with it. They do sell it online too.

Anyhow, to get to your original question of what to do in Irving, TX. . . well, you are in between Dallas and Ft. Worth and each one of those cities has much going on! It depends on what you like to do - one has the Stockyards and one has the Dealey Plaza & Deep Ellum. But each have clubs, pubs and bars or museums, great food, etc. It all depends on what you like. . . .

Stacey said...

Hi Jen

Thanks for your comment!

Unfortunately, I have not been running due to injury. I am going to be in Irving with my husband (he's going to be at a conference).

Congratulations on attempting your first marathon!!! It's no small feat!!!

Here is my question to you.... What is the one touristy thing to do, or place to go that you would recommend to someone who has never been to Texas before. I will be busy with conference dinners so something I can do during the day would be great!!!


Stacey said...


Almost forgot.... haven't received my sample of detergent yet. Will check out WIN online!

Thank you :)