Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skin Tx

SkinTx™ Starter Kit - Program 3

An 8-step skin rejuvenation kit for hyperpigmentation. Products included: Foaming Gel, Toner, Serum C12, Clarité™, Exfoliant, Active™, Retinol SR Facial Treatment (BONUS PRODUCT), and Sunbalance™. This kit comes complete with a carrying case and step-by-step instruction card.

After years of being a sun worshiper I was starting to see changes in my face that I didn't like. A couple years ago I started to see/ notice brown patches on my face. I became really insecure when a brown patch appeared above my top lip.... It looked like I had a mustache.

Being a runner has not helped the problem. I found it very difficult to keep sunscreen on for more than an hour..... it all "sweated' off. I wasn't keen on reapplying sunscreen onto my sweaty face (with my sweaty hands).

So after I found out I wasn't a candidate for a laser light procedure, I chose this program.

I have been on it now for about 6 weeks. I have noticed that the brown areas are lightening. The first 6 weeks are supposed to be the worst in terms of overall skin condition .... my skin has been red and peely and I have had trouble with acne breakouts.

There is a perscription portion of the program that your dermatologist prescribes to use in conjunction with the kit. It is used to renew your skin cells and is normally prescribed for patients with acne..... so in theory it should be helping my overall skin condition.

I go for a second follow up appointment this Wednesday afternoon. I am asked if I am seeing any changes or if there are any side effects that are troublesome etc.... The best part is that I get to stick my head in this egg shaped device and get pictures of my face taken. I then review the pictures to see if any changes in my skin are present. I couldn't believe the difference after the first 2 weeks. I had not noticed any changes from looking in the mirror daily but, there was visible improvement. I would have to say that my dissatisfaction is coming from the poor texture and tone of my skin and the breakouts. I am interested in finding out what the clinician says/ recommends. This is a 24 week program and I should keep my expectations realistic. Patience is the key.

If I decide that the product has not worked for me I can get a full refund (or so I am told). There might be some small print that I don't know about!!! lol


Real Live Lesbian said...

That's just cool! I wanna play in the egg thingy! I'm a redhead....so I know what you mean about the spots. Too much playing in the sun with no sunscreen. Way too much.

Stacey said...

I hope it all works out.... 36 is too old to be having acne breakouts!!!! WTF?

I have got to worry about wrinkles and puffiness etc.... no time for the teenage stuff!!

Stacey said...

RLL (Real Live Lesbian)

I was very disappointed today when I went for my follow up appointment.... the egg camera wasn't working :(

alltalkgurl said...

so, don't know when this original post is from, but wondering, did this product end up actually helping your problem? with discolouration? it is quite expensive for the kit, and i am hesitant to spend the money on more snake oil..what are your thoughts?

alltalkgurl said...

thx, got your reply, i have tried just the basic as you mentioned years ago, and didn't seem to help..don't know what to do, but thanks for the reply..

Anonymous said...

Just bought the program and wondering how you made out with it. I am using the number 3 for hyper-pigmentation and age spots.

Had acne into my 30s until a naturopatic doctor sorted out my hormones. Perhaps you should check yours.
ps my experience with MD`s were not helpful when it came to hormones.