Friday, February 27, 2009

Furthur down the spiral.....

I think that it's great that people actually take the time to read this blog. I am thrilled when people actually sign up to "Follow" it!!!!

Hmmmmm .... I was very saddened when I noticed that a follower stopped following. I wondered what I did wrong? I thought maybe I should contact them and ask.

Having only a handful makes it easy to track who comes and goes:)

I read a fabulous blog... I Need A Martini Mom. She commented the other day about loosing 26 followers.... She has over 500 followers or something crazy like that. I wonder if she gets upset when people leave?

This is how pathetic my non-running life is becoming...... hee hee

Tomorrow's blog post: Should your sock drawer be organized by colour, season, or type???
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