Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day 7 miler!

I almost didn't do my run today :) I procrastinated for most of the day. I almost had myself talked out of it when I tricked myself..... saying that I could turn back if it was too cold!!! It was -15 with the windchill.... bloody freezing!!! Once I got going it didn't take long to get my mojo! Before I knew it, I was half way and got to turn back.

Once home I stretched, showered, dressed and went to pick up dinner at McDonald's!!!! My guilty pleasure for doing the run : )


Stuart said...

-15 holy crap that's cold! And there was me bitching at 29!

Derek said...

Now that is cold!! I complained about my run because it was 78 when I finished, if it was -15 I would never make it out the door!!