Friday, January 30, 2009

A complaint free world..... as seen on Oprah!!!!

I went to this seminar last night.... Paid for by Caesar's Windsor!!!

I listened to Will Bowen speak about the aspects of speaking negatively. I heard the reasoning.... basically, people complain for attention and it actually attracts negativity.

We attract what and who we are... so do we really want to be negative?????

The goal of the non-profit organization is to get one tenth of the world's population to become "Complaint Free". The personal goal is to go 21 days without complaining.

We were all given a purple bracelet (not unlike the "Live Strong" yellow bracelet that Lance Armstrong promotes).

The bracelet goes on one wrist... if you catch yourself complaining then the bracelet is transferred to the other wrist and the 21 day count starts again. Some people have reported to have been switching their bracelets for almost a year before achieving 21 days of being complaint free.

Let's just say that my first day was quite difficult.... I changed the bracelet at least 6 times at work.... It has been much easier since I have been home. It's funny/ embarrassing to realize how much negativity I create at work. What we send out into the world is what we eventually receive. I really don't want to be negative.

I will continue to try and achieve 21 days of being complaint free!! Send out your positive energy to me!!!! This could take awhile!!!!

If you're interested in learning more please check this out!!!!!

The average person complains at least 15 times a day without realizing it! I had several co-workers telling me when I screwed up! I was the only one at work today who had been to the seminar. Everyone thought it was great fun to tell me when I was complaining. Just a note .... this program is self monitoring. It's actually considered to be a complaint if you point out another persons' complaining.
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