Tuesday, January 6, 2009

22.5 km run today!

Sounds so much further in kilometers (as opposed to miles). I have always trained in miles. Most of my friends are good Canadians and train in kilometers! Thanks to Hal Higdon (person who wrote my first marathon training program) I like using miles :)

Good run today!

Let's get to the more important information. Take a look at what I purchased yesterday!!!! Sorry for the poor quality of the photo... the iPhone doesn't always take the best photos. I should write to Steve Jobs and let him know! I'm sure that he'll start working on it straight away!!! Back on the subject of footwear... I got these babies for a cool 50 bucks (regularly $139). Not as great a deal as my Nike coat, but a great deal nonetheless!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oo La La - I like them - what a bargoon!!!