Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Book Darts

Well I started my marathon training today :) I ran 3 miles... it was a balmy 5 C/ 41 F ! Finally some seasonal weather!!! I also made my first entry in my running log. I have also subscribed to Running Ahead... I enter my training info and it keeps a running total for me which is visible in the right column of this blog.

I also wanted to mention a great product... not really running related but most helpful for day to day things. I like to read and I like to have my notebooks etc. I find it time consuming to have to flip through to find where I left off or an interesting article and so on and so forth.......

Book Darts

Book Darts - Gardening

These paper-thin, 1" long bronze markers slide onto the page and securely stay in place.

They are perfect for use as non-slipping bookmarks that can even be positioned to point to a specific line. Unobtrusive and indefinitely reusable, they eliminate the need for bent corners, paper clips, underlining, highlighting, sticky papers, etc.

A good-quality item that is ideal for anyone doing research, they are popular with students, lawyers, executives, research assistants, voracious readers, etc. Tin of 50 markers.

They retail for just under $9 CDN... excellent stocking stuffer!!!! They can be found at Lee Valley Tools.

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