Sunday, November 30, 2008

Injinji Nubamboo Quarter socks - Eco series

Well I broke the bank and purchased a pair of these babies. They look like the regular Injinjis but they feel.... so soft and heavenly!!! Haven't worn them, so I am not sold on them yet. For $19 CDN a pair they should rub my feet and bring me a cocktail after I've run : )

What is claimed about the series:
The Eco Series is a collection of finely crafted toe socks made primarily of naturally organic or sustainable fibers. Injinji uses ecologically friendly farming with sustainable and renewable resources. Injinji has chosen to align with manufacturing methods that produce little or no impact on the environment.

I hope that the durability of the Eco series is stronger than the old ones. I have found that the old style socks were very prone to wearing through at pressure points and the tips of the big toes.

Review to follow...


Derek said...

Looking forward to your review. I love the fact that I have been blister free since switching to Injinji socks, but I agree that they wear fairly quickly. If they last longer and are softer it may be worth it to purchase a few pair.

Stacey said...

I have a 10 mile run next Monday (I believe). I am going to try them then!!! I hope I have good news to report.