Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gizmo socks!

Here are some of the socks that I purchased at the expo today!! I love Gizmo socks!!! They are made with Cool Max, so can be used as performance socks... but, I just like to wear them! They make me smile!
The Detroit Free Press folks decided to get rid of the usual champion chip this year. We are now going to be using a disposable chip. I hope that the champion chip will not be obsolete as I received my own personal chip for Xmas last year.
I should head off to bed so that I will be well rested for tomorrow! I dislike getting up early for races... maybe races should start around noonish?


Derek said...

Hope the race went well, and I do love those socks!!

Anonymous said...

Those GIZMO Socks are everywhere !!

Unknown said...

Gizmo socks rock!