Monday, September 8, 2008

Retail Therapy!!!

I say that retail therapy is the best way to pass boring times!!  Today I purchased a pair of running shoes for my race.  I know that it seems too soon to be changing up shoes but it's the same brand and style I use (it does happen to be men's and a half size larger).  I have 2 weeks to get them worn in.  I really prefer to have 2 pairs of shoes available to me for long runs.  i.e.)  anything 50 miles or longer! 

I also purchased some Sample sale items (did not try them on).... they were not as flattering on as they were on the hangar : (

I did a 6.5 mile run today.  During which I ran past a high school that was just getting out for the day.  It was 2:30 pm...... when did high school start getting out so early????  When did high school students get so young???? 
WTF???  I thought about it and realized that I am 20 years older than most of the students in high school.  Yipes!!! 

I am glad that my age never really bothers me!  I did see a really attractive high school student... does that make me a pedophile?  I suppose that as you age, you don't see yourself as old as you really are : )


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