Sunday, September 14, 2008

6 more days until the 80 (something) kilometer run for The Windsor Alzheimer Society!

  Last I heard the run is actually an 87 km run... translating into 54 miles!  I can't believe that the run has increased by 7 km.  I understand that the Police changed the route a bit so as not to put us in harms way.  All I know is that 7km is more that I would have liked tacked on to a 80km race.

Did an hour run today.... so fricken hot out.... I wanted to pass out on the grass of a beautiful waterfront home.  My ipod ran out of juice so I had no musical motivation to keep me moving forward!  We've had this bizarre storm front that has moved in... the remenents of hurricane Ike.  Really hot, humid, rainy, glae force wind weather! 

As of today the weather for next Saturday is not favourable... Sunny and hot.... my least favourite combination!  Give me cold and windy any day!!  Let's hope it changes!!!!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Maybe I should offer a sacrafice to the running gods?    : )

Sacrifice Stock Photography: Lara Croft At Uxmal

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