Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have been avoiding talking about my training as my legs and knees have taken a turn in a crappy direction. I ran 18 miles on Monday. At about mile 5 my left thigh really started to hurt... pain shot down from the thigh throught the knee and into the foot. On 2 occasions my foot/ leg gave out and I couldn't support my self... thus causing a tumble:( I put on my knee brace and the rest of the run went beautifully.... I haven't had such a great run since before May! I woke up the next morning and I could barely move my left knee. Even today I have been having horrible pains in both legs. A general ache throughout the legs with sudden shooting pains in the thighs and knees. I will bring this up with my Physiotherapist. Bleh!

Anyhoo.... let's talk fun stuff!! My order from Dirty Girls came in today. I purchased 3 pairs of Dirty Girl running panties!!! This is a Canadian company so I didn't mind spending the $15 per pair. I am however disapointed in the shipping charges. I paid $7.75 to have my order shipped. It came post marked $1.92. 'Nuff said!

I got a pair of the "Chatty Girl",the "Dirty Runner", and the "Pigtail Girl" boy short panties... if you'd like, order yourself a pair or 2or 3 at

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