Monday, August 25, 2008

30 Mile Ultramarathon (well it was just a training run... but that sounds more impressive!:)

Here are some pics from my run today. I am so lucky to have some really great views!

Now for the report.... set alarm for 6:30 am... wake up at 7... have a tea (mistake because it makes me have to pee tons). Got my gear ready and got dressed, checked email, checked the weather, went to the bathroom and got out of the door at 8:40am : )

the run starts out with a horrible feeling that I am going to crap my pants. It is so bad that I have to squeeze my but cheeks together 'cause something would fall out! I can't concentrate on my new breathing technique while I am squeezing my cheeks together. This horrible feeling occurs for the first 4 miles and then again at 12 miles. I must back track to mile 2.5... I get to a street corner and pause because a car is coming. Once I see that the car is stopping I proceed.... well the idiot almost hit me, literally the car brushed my hand as I braced myself for impact. The driver was turning left and only looked for the coming traffic... He/ she did not look to see if anyone was crossing the street from the other side. I normally make eye contact to see if the driver knows I am present but this car's windows were very tinted and I couldn't see in. I would have been so mad if he/ she had hit me!!!!!!!!

I desperately have to use the washroom at mile 4 (number 1) so I stop into a Tim Horton's. I felt bad not purchasing anything but I figured that I would stop in on my way back and get some water and chocolate milk.

By mile 9 I am looking for a bush or tree to pee behind. I luck out and find a port o john that was reasonably clean and had toilet paper : ) I did feel very gross because I had to support my squatting self by placing my right hand on the wall of the john. There were brown spots all over the walls.... crap I presumed...... yek! So I tried not to touch anything with that hand for the duration of the run.

Mile 12 came and so did the poo pains.... lasted about 4 miles... no accidents thankfully!!!

Mile 18 comes and I have a caffeinated gel. This picks me right up! I am having a great, pain free run (when I say pain free I am referring to my injury.... the legs and back really start to get sore after awhile but that is normal for me). My girlfriend Julie spots me while driving to work at mile 22 and stops to chat for a minute. I tell her about how great I feel and how exciting the run is. We part and I head into Tim Horton's to get my beverages..... my money has fallen out of my pocket... probably when I took everything out to take pictures. So I run all the way home so that I can get some protein and wash up.

I have only run 26 miles at this point. Let's just say that it was very hard to get out again... but I did. My pit stop took about 15 minutes and then I was off to finish the last 4 miles. Finishing felt so good! I quickly showered and stretched and ate and then had a nap!!

Now I am trying to wrap my head around the idea of going out for a 20 mile run tomorrow as I write this while eating a box of Velveta shells and cheese (fancy macaroni)!

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