Friday, June 20, 2008

Toe update...

... Well I finally was able to paint the toenail and everything looked great! Today I decided to inspect the nail. It looks like the infection is clearing up. I also noted that the nail was only attached at the cuticle..... hmmmmmm..... I decide to start to wriggle the nail, to peek underneath and see how much I can do without causing more trauma or pain. After 10 minutes of wriggling and prying I realize that the toenail will be ripped off if I ever go it caught in anything...... I had to trim as much of it away as possible:(

It now looks very odd. The skin under the nail is torn up a bit and it is tender to the touch. I will be forced to wear a band aid if I want to wear some strappy sandals. I have heard that you can paint the skin to mimic a nail....ummmm... that just seems wrong. I think I will let the toe breathe.

After all is said and done the experience has been interesting. I really don't like the crumby looking feet part of running..... small price I suppose?

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