Thursday, June 12, 2008

Damn that toe! Gross content.... not meant for the squeamish!

As you may have read during my 50 mile run I managed to stub my toe 4 times.... I didn't mention the fact that I found that there was a blister under the nail about 5 days later. I only found this out because my toe was very swollen and I pierced it with a sterile needle. I had expected blood to come out but was quite shocked when serum came out. I had only read about blister under toenails:) I drained the blister and cleaned the toe and that was that (It provided much relief). My toe kept draining daily for another week or so an I posted a question on the Dartmouth Listserve that I subscribe to. I was told that it can take a long time to heal and that I should be soaking my toe and keeping a bandaid on it.

I was very happy with the progress. It has almost been 3 weeks and I still can't wear heels, or most shoes for that matter. I have managed to smash my toe into everything so I figured that I would be healing very slowly.

By looking at the nail you can tell that it will fall out. I don't even know what is holding it to my skin. The nail is mostly white.. that is what happens when the nail pulls away from the skin. You can see some bruising through the nail. Looks like your average toe nail that is going to fall out!

Here's the gross part:

Last evening I was checking out the toe nail and noted that there was a foul smell, coming from it's general direction. I soon had my toenail up to my nose. Peeeeeeew! That was not a good sign. I noted that the skin under the nail was yellow and flaky. I pressed down on the nail and some yellowy, smelly pus came out! Gross!

I am not a Doctor but I deducted that a foul smell and coloured discharge was a sign of infection. I have made an appointment to see my Doctor (4 days time). I hope that I have caught the infection early enough (have heard horror stories involving hospital admittance and gangrene!)

Until then I will continue to soak the foot in sea salt (was supposed to purchase epsom salt but grabbed the wrong bag), and then apply peroxide, and try my best to keep the toenail dry and protected!

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