Thursday, May 22, 2008

Less than 2 days!!!!

I am starting to pack for the race.... so much to think about!!!!!  I am going to shower, shave my legs and give myself a bikini wax so that will be taken care of:)  I have a list started (what to bring) and a pile of stuff on the floor.  I hope to get it all together tonight so that I can relax tomorrow.  I will be leaving at 1pm (3 hour drive).  Check into the hotel and then head out for the pasta dinner.

I will continue to visualize myself crossing the finish line.  I have no goals in regards to meeting a time deadline.  My focus is going to be on finishing  and enjoying the race!!!

Wish me luck!!!!!!

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Bryon Powell said...

Packing at least a day in advance is a great idea. No need to worry about that tomorrow. Rest up.