Tuesday, February 26, 2008

26.22 mile run report

had decided to do my long run Monday (instead of Tuesday) as the weather people were predicting a snow storm....... I am sick and tired of snow runs:)

I started off my run with a positive attitude.... the temp was -3 degrees Celsius (-8 with the windchill)..... so much warmer than the last few weeks:) 

Side note: (I had a chat with Andrew the night before and he felt that my inability to run last week was more mental than physical (excluding the "bent over cramping" incident).  I decided to consider his thoughts and focus on being positive.)

My goal was to keep positive and push through any discomfort.  I was able to do just that...... I decided to think through some issues that I have been having at work.  I focus on the ground (about 5 feet in front of my toes) and run and think.  I am able to shut off the rest of the world..... my running becomes automatic.  I think and evaluate my actions (and how those actions effect others) and decide that I really needed to voice my concerns.... that it is not wrong to "stick up" for myself.  My "sticking up" caused pain for someone else and I forgive myself for that.  I hope that person has had a chance to reflect also..... maybe learn that thinking things through before reacting, is usually a good idea:)

By the time I work though my stuff...... it's almost half way!!!!!!!!!!  Hooray!!!!  My nutrition is spot on and I am feeling pretty good.  I realize that my shoe lace is untied.... wonder how long ago that happened?........... when I am in the zone I only focus on my thoughts.  I really should pay some attention as I am running on a highway and the cars are going pretty fast!!!

I reach my turn around point and head home:)  The wind is cold and strong...... I find it harder to keep mentally focused.... I must keep shifting my attention so as not to start to cramp or shuffle..... at one point I realize that I am running bent over..... I fix my posture and press on. With 4 miles to go I get pretty excited..... I haven't been shuffling that much and I feel pretty good.  I finish my run in 4 hours 40 minutes..... no records broken here:) I am just thrilled to have had a great run!

I guess it's more exciting to hear of frozen fingers, snotty faces and poop pains but,  I was really due for a nice boring, therapeutic run!

Today was the 3rd time that I have ever run 26.2 miles!  No medal to show for it though:(

There..... now I am happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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