Tuesday, January 29, 2008

20 mile training run report

Today's run rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I felt really good.  The weather started off being very cold and windy!!!!!!!!!!!  I was pretty pumped to run because I was dealing with "car" people all morning.  The electrical failure is being blamed on the after market stereo and no one wants to touch the car.  AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!

Anyway, The weather started to get better at mile 6 and I was able to take my face mask off!  The only thing that kinda sucked is that I really had to pee.  I made sure today to have my nutrition planned out well.  I had my Infinit, gels, salt tabs, Jelly Bellys,  cliff bar, and water.  I wore the camel pak and my fuel belt.  I was prepared!!! 

I saw a muskrat coming out of a culvert.  I really startled the poor thing!!!!!  He tried to lean against the side of the ditch and wish for invisibility!!!!!!!  I laughed at him!!!  And, I almost got attacked by a dog.  There is this dog that always runs to the edge of it's property barking and jumping and showing it's teeth.  It has always stopped.  Today it came past the ditch and chased me on the road nipping at my heels.  I was poopin' my pants!!!!!  I am going to have to remember to run on the other side of the road next time as this poor dog's aggressive behavior is escalating.

Most of the drivers on the road were very accommodating.... moving over so as not to hit me. 

I had one mile left and I still felt pretty good.  I looked at my watch and I knew that I was going to finish in record time.  I didn't pace myself but, I had started the stop watch when I left the house.  I made it to my finish line in 3:04:31!!!  That was a 9:14/ mile pace!  I was thrilled.  I got home and peed and peed and peed!!!!  Gosh, I really had to pee!!!!

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