Tuesday, January 15, 2008

18 mile training run that I described for Andrew. It was a tough one!

I got up this morning at 8 am hoping to be out of the house by 9:) I had a tea and surfed the web! I puttered around and finally got my self some breakfast (oatmeal). I took forever trying to get all my crap together and to figure out what to wear on my body and on my feet. I wore a headband and a toque over top, a long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve shirt over top, a waterproof/ windproof jacket, tights, and my wind pants. I chose to wear my road running shoes as I figured I would be mostly on the road due to the snow (big mistake!).

Got my camel pak filled with water and strapped on an extra pouch (as I had no pockets). Packed the pouch with gels, tissue, pain relievers, and Ipod and headphones.

finally got out of the house at 10 am:)

The run started out great! There was a few inches of snow but the roads had been cleared. I was feeling fine!!! I could feel the wind on my back and how it was making the backs of my arms very cold. I decided not to worry about the return trip until later.

The camel pak was heavy (I had never filled it full before) and I was somewhat concerned that my back may pay the price. I trudged on!!! I had decided to run a natural rhythm. I did not check my pace on the watch. I felt that I would be slower due to the added weight and having to occasionally run in the snow.

Had my first gel at mile 6 and was still feeling pretty good. I was able to be by myself and enjoy the sound of my feet hitting the pavement and the water swishing in the pak. I really enjoy drinking from the pak. Much better than fumbling with pop - tops and holding bottles!!!

Made it to mile 9 (turn around point)!!!!

The wind was crazy!!!! I took my handkerchief and tied it around my face to help me from the wind!! My glasses kept fogging up! I felt like I was standing still!!! I pushed on....... until mile 10. I started to shuffle.... you know the shuffle! My hamstrings and calves were so tight, and becoming so heavy!!!!

The cars seemed not to be moving over so I was running mostly in the slushy snow. I got soakers so bad, that for the rest of the run, I could feel my feet sloshing around in my shoes! I was cursing every car that went by and made me move over!!!! If looks could kill!! I was so pissed! I slipped several times making my way back up onto the road. Luckily, I didn't fall!

I felt pretty good for a wee bit after having my 2nd gel after mile 12. It didn't last long! I decided to start to think about all the people that couldn't run if they wanted to, I thought of Elgin's suffering, I thought of abused animals...... you know where this is going!!!!

I balled my eyes out from mile 15 to mile 16. Yeah!

I could finally see my finish line in the distance. It felt as if I could taste it!!!!!! Oh...... that was just the snot running out of my nose. Bleh! I had about 10 minutes left of shuffling and I was finished!!! Thank goodness!

Walked for a bit to cool down and got into the house and stretched and noticed that my fingernail beds were dark purple:) That can't be good! Took off my socks and tried to inspect my prune toes. To hard to tell if there were blisters my feet were so mushy!

I am so glad that that run is over!!!!! It did not kill me...... so it better make me stronger!!!

End of story!!

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